Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hello dear friends! Today I want to show you some aw (autumn/winter) 2014 campains. If you don't know this is the way for designers to promote new collections. As for me now this things are important, I enjoy the photography and models and gonna make a post about them. Ok, let's start our journey! 
Emma Roberts for Jimmy Choo
Emma is amazing! I love her and everything she's doing! This photoshoot is adorable too (google for more details, ok)

Sasha Pivovarova for Massimo Dutti
I googled and found that MS from Spain and it's not very expensive. You see coat on firs lady? It's my must-have aw14 and I'm going to find out the same. Next is Sasha (last lady) wearing skarf and sunglasses, she looks adorable, would you like to dress like her? 

Kate Moss and Clement Chabernaud for Matchless London
Kate Moss the icon, I mean the ICON. She's out of time and wherever we will see her it's gonna be fantastic. And you see it right here and right now!

Sasha Luss for Versace Jeans
I love top-model Sasha Luss and so proud that she's from Russia. Ok, you see straight hair, leather and boots. Is that new? No, it's kinda classic and cool!

Balmain campain
Models, models, models! Balmain presents us animal print and yellow, red and green/khaki colours. Check it out! This is the main trend this winter!

Alexander Wang campain
Oh yeah, oh yeah! It's WANG! There is nothing more I can say

 Cara Delevigne for Chanel
I was amazed by this collection when I saw a show (i'd rather be on show as guest or model, but no). People were talking about sport shoes and dress and now it's a trend! Chanel is always showing up new tendention and how to look chic!

Cara D for TopShop
You, yes you! You can find this items on your topshop, but in my hometown it's impossible. Topshop is a british massmarket with cute things and here you always can find fashionable clothing, shoes. What about campaing - everything is on trend!

Cara D for Mulberry
Preppy! It's amazing school days (for me it's academy days) is coming and Mulberry shows us how to dress up and theirs bags, anyway they have a special CaraD collection and you can google it, if you interested.

Thank you for watching this, hope you enjoyed this amazing photos and I'll post thing like this (not my outfits) every 2-3 outfits. If you see this comment your link to instagram!

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