Sunday, August 10, 2014

 short - cropp | top - new look | tights - incity | boots - motivi | chocker - diy

If someone will say "grunge" and you tink about Nirvana, you're one of us! Did you know that a lot of celebs prefer to wear "grunge" clothes. I mean J. Depp, Taylor Momsen and J. Leto, some bloggers on LB styles as grungers, because it's very comfy. I'm in love with a layers of clothing, black and leather and chockers that I've made by myself. It was funny and I love making new things with my two hands :D
If you know me as well you know that I joined YT and I have only 1 video, so this photos are too for my YT. Can you guess like who i dressed up here?

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