Sunday, August 24, 2014

 hat - h&m | dress/shoes/heels - vintage | satchel - asos | accessories/sunglasses - accessorize 

Hello folks! Did you missed me? I love this "did you miss me" and always have an Ali voice in my head (pll addicted :D) I missed my blog and I really had NO inspiration for photos or smth like that. By the way I got a lot of new clothes and I want to ask you would it be interesting to make a video haul? huh
You see that that this is a kind of vintage outfit. I love vintage (or 2ndhand) stores because I can buy really good stuff cheaply. I wanted a denim dress and was really to add to my package on asos one, but got this! As for that dress I will buy it, I hope. Heels are my fav part from this outfit, promise you'll see it again and again and again... 
Next week gonna be the last week of summer, yeah, I hope it will be warm and amazing, because here, in Ural, we hadn't a warm july without rainy days. Whatever. I hope that new semester in academy will be greater ...

Love, Janina <3

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