Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hello! If you've been looking for new store to shopping. I've found 2 stores and they are AMZING!
First one is
Go check out it. Later I'll show you my wishlist and things I've ordered from it.

The next one is STYLEWE.COM it's online store selling individual designers' clothes. It's spring time and one of the TOP things for warm weather is romper. Actually stylewe has a lot of beautiful and comfortable to buy.
Check out here. 

And here we have a little list of what I want to buy.
Well it's time for bags. So first one is a small backpack RAFURA. I always wanted something like this. It's good when you need to take to occasion or party your camera or iPad and don't want to have a huge bag... this is really alternative.
And the second choice is this amazing black leather bag HONGUIt has some kind of geometric shape and this bag could be in every outfit.

Love. Iana.


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