How to wear pink blouse during autumn

Tuesday, November 07, 2017

photo: Lesya
Location: Kuhnya Stolovaya


EN: Hello friends! Did you noticed how I'm active on social network? I'm baaack. Now I'll take lots of photos and even more I'll make lookbook videos and HAULS! YAY!
Even more, I wanted to tell you about this amazing pink comfy blouse from my lovely store SHEIN. Actually summer is over, I'm not anymore on the south and I still want to wear summer clothes. This is the example how to wear this blouse. Pink colour is the best with basic black things. Whatever you'll put on black it's going to be look good. I really like black details on this blouse and I can wear it to school or uni (I'm not a student anymore) or just go to the cafe to lunch or maybe I van wear it to evening occasion. 
This is really cool. Now I'm home and I'm spending time on shootings, I need this to my portfolio. I decided to become a model, I want to find a good agency and work hard. Really, I love work, like not at the office (I'll die and I worked and I know it very well). I need a art job, I want to create. This is the reality and I have to move this side, no work with kids anymore.
Well. Tell me about your dream job?

Love, Janina.

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